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Webinars are a popular format for delivering information and they can be very successful for your organization, IF you have good webinar presentations and good management and marketing. Learn the 4 key strategies of building better webinars and discover how to properly budget, price, and market the virtual meetings you create.


Designing Successful Webinars
Webinars are a hot meeting format that save money and reach more people than in-person meetings. Use them for customer education, staff meetings and training, presentations, virtual seminars and much more. The technology is simple, but good webinar presentation techniques are critical. Discover the power of successful webinars for your business organization. Then learn the 4 key strategies to make your webinars more successful. Acquire techniques and tips that will make your webinars winners with your audiences.

Managing & Marketing Webinars
Boost your success with webinars by getting the most advanced and latest information on managing and marketing webinars. Find out when and how often to promote webinars, how to do follow up promotion to those who click-through on your initial emails, and how to generate more leads and inquiries. Discover our unique needs assessment model, and take back our 5 secrets to creating high response surveys. Market research can be simple, no-cost and effective, lowering your risks. Then take home our webinar planning timeline with the ideal timeframe for planning and marketing webinars for maximum success.

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