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Certificate Overview:

Equity centered work requires a personal commitment that embraces the complexity of people, groups, and organizations. We deepen this commitment to equity through our individual development of self-awareness and self-reflection to anchor our work in authenticity. This certificate provides an opportunity for an in-depth look at what leads us to or away from being equity-centered. Beginning with stance and self-care, moving through our stories and developing a counter-narrative, participants will develop an equity action plan they can implement in the setting of their choice. Participants will work both synchronously online as well as asynchronously off-line to complete all projects. This certificate is designed to be interactive based on the needs and ideas about equity that participants bring to the program.

Course Descriptions:

(Courses should be taken in sequence)

PDEI 9010 Critical Reflection

This is course one of a three-course sequence leading to the Anchored in Equity Certificate. This course will introduce the Equicentricity Model as a model for equity-centered living, leading, and self-reflection. Participants will identify their stance, understand how to integrate self-care in equity work, and propose an equicentric action plan that will be developed into a final project during courses two and three.

PDEI 9020 Critical Analysis

This is course two of a three-course sequence leading to the Anchored in Equity Certificate. Continuing with the Equicentricity Model, this course will deepen the participants' understanding of the intermediate steps of the process. These steps focus on moving into self-awareness, integrating our stories and histories, and continuing the integration of self-care. Participants will develop their equicentric action plan based on their proposal from course one and apply the iterative cycle of critical analysis.

PDEI 9030 Critical Action

This is the third and final course of the Anchored in Equity Certificate. Concluding our exploration of the Equicentricity Model, participants will prototype their action plan as their commitment to being part of the change process of equicentric living and leading. Participants will be invited to present their Equicentricity Action Plan at a future stakeholder gathering.

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