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Whether you?ve received a set of Apple iPads to use in your classroom or you?re curious about the benefits of an iPad curriculum, there are many valuable resources to guide you. In this course, discover and explore how to transform your current technology methodologies and classroom?s curriculum with one of education?s most popular technology trends. To begin, you will learn the basics of using iPads, from opening the box to those nifty hand gestures to conserving battery life and keeping in touch with those you contact most. You?ll also learn several ways to foster collaboration and build community by sharing information, documents, and more via e-mail, instant message, bluetooth (Apple device-to-Apple device AirDrop), social media, or by printing out hard copies. Next, delve into a plethora of resources that demonstrate how iPads can streamline management in the classroom, as well as enhance student learning and engagement in English language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. You will observe lessons in action, discover teacher-approves apps, and receive helpful tips and tricks to boost learning centers and student collaboration. Additionally, you can explore how the iPad can aid in differentiation to meet the needs of all learners, in particular students with special needs, English language learners, and students in GATE. Finally, explore a 1:1 iPad classroom. What is it like to be able to place this 21st century learning tool in every student?s hand? Gain insight into how your role as a teacher and the roles of your students evolve toward student-directed learning goals and customized learning experiences.

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iPads in the Classroom
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