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This is an interactive computer-based instruction course designed to give you a deeper understanding of the rationale for and structure of this particular standards-based framework. You will learn a number of factors that contributed to the overall design of the Common Core Standards as well as practical pedagogical approaches that will support practitioners working toward deeper implementation. We will reflect on the instructional ?shifts? emphasized throughout the Common Core Standards and contextualize the shifts based on the diverse population of students course participants serve. It will also provide connections to a variety of instructional considerations that will support implementation regardless of educational context. Practitioners will be provided opportunities to reflect on current practice and the degree to which they align with the Common Core Standards as well as with colleagues across a wide range of settings implementing these standards. This course has been divided into four chapters. The organization of the course covers the rationale for and design of the Common Core State Standards, the ?Common Core Mindset? practitioners need for successful implementation, and what specific actions can be taken for deeper implementation across settings. Chapter 1: Introduction to the Shifts Resulting From CCSS Implementation Chapter 2: Developing a CCSS Mindset Chapter 3: Common Core Mindset in Action Chapter 4: Thinking Through the Core
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Understanding Common Core
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3 units
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Understanding and Implementing Common Core Standards
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