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This course is designed to help classroom teachers, school counselors, and other educational personnel gain strategies to understand how our diverse society influences student learning in the classroom. Participants will explore issues of culture, gender, and individuals with exceptionalities, and how these affect a student?s learning and behavior in the classroom. The course is divided into four chapters. At the completion of each chapter, there will be an examination covering the material. Students must complete the examination before proceeding to the next chapter. This sequential approach to learning will help all participants to gain a better understanding of what they have learned as they proceed through the course. Although this course is a presentation of societal issues and how these affect the classroom, there is certainly a wealth of research and topics that are not covered in the scope of this course. The instructor highly recommends that you augment your readings from this course with further research to gain a fuller understanding of the complexities of this subject. In addition to what is required in this course and your individual research, the instructor recommends that you read research from the following authors: James Banks, Linda Darling-Hammond, Lisa Delpit, G. Gay, Sonia Nieto, Ruby K. Payne, Jennifer E. Obidah and Karen Manheim Teel.
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Teaching Diversity
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Teaching Diversity: Influences & Issues in the Classroom
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