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This course is designed to provide a foundation in talented and gifted education. It will provide individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and serve TAG students through a planned program for intellectually gifted and academically talented students within a framework of common practice based on current research. Students will gain an understanding of the characteristics and needs of TAG students, current legislation as it relates to the education of talented and gifted children in the USA, identification procedures, assessment options, programs and services models, and curriculum modification options. The course begins with the history of gifted education and how it has evolved to the current state of gifted education in America. The course continues by listing and discussing specific characteristics commonly found in TAG children. The discussion will include information on the various screening tools used to identify TAG or GAT (Gifted and Talented) students. After this foundation is laid, the course will discuss various methods to effectively work with the gifted population. The course will explore useful approaches in various academic areas to help students strengthen weaker skills and increase skills and knowledge in stronger academic areas. The course will conclude with a discussion about the various aspects of gifted and talented education and how this may be impacted in the future. Due to the structure of this course it is suggested that you complete each section in order. The course will allow you to move ahead to various chapters, but completing the course out of sequence may cause difficulty with your understanding of the materials. It will also make it more difficult to pass the examinations and the course itself.
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Talented & Gifted
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Talented & Gifted: Working with High Achievers
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