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The course Autism & Asperger?s Disorder has been divided into four chapters and into five to eight exercises within each chapter. The first chapter is on the diagnosis of autism and Asperger?s; it gives a clear picture of the characteristics that define these disorders. Although the information in this chapter is complete and thorough, there is much information published about autism and Asperger?s Disorder. We recommend that you complete readings and research outside the course materials to gain a fuller understanding of these disorders and the variety of interventions. To cover all areas and issues affecting students with autism or Asperger?s and their behavior would not be possible in one course. However, this introduction chapter and subsequent chapters should give you a firm understanding of the disorder and of effective tools for facilitating positive changes with these students. The second chapter of Autism & Asperger?s Disorder is ?Behaviors and Differences.? This chapter discusses ways in which individuals with autism or Asperger?s are different from other learners. The information in this chapter serves to increase your understanding of autism and Asperger?s so that an effective intervention plan can be developed to help the student with communication and/or behavioral difficulties. Gaining an understanding of the possible reasons for their behaviors will also help in the understanding of why certain interventions are more successful in teaching these students. The third chapter is ?Communication and Language.? In this chapter, you will be given information about the prerequisites of communication, the components of speech and language, and the profiles of nonverbal and verbal children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. You will be provided with interventions to enhance communication. The final chapter covers ?Visually Supported Communication.? You will learn how to use visual supports, schedules and calendars to help autistic or Asperger?s children monitor their time and program more effectively and independently. You will learn to use the strategy of ?first/then? to help children finish important daily tasks before moving into pleasurable free-time activities. You will also be presented with some case examples to strengthen your understanding. Upon registration for this course, you will receive an email with login instructions within 72 hours.
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Autism & Asperger's Disorder
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Autism & Asperger's Disorder: Information & Effective Intervention Strategies
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