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Diabetes Specialty - Nursing

The Diabetes Fundamentals Specialty Course for Nurses is designed to provide nurse practitioners and clinical nurses with a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of diabetes, enabling learners to become top specialists in their field and deliver exceptional care to individuals living with diabetes wherever they practice. Taught by some of the top renowned endocrinology experts and educators across the country, this asynchronous and flexible course focuses on equipping nurses with the knowledge, skills, and practical tools necessary to effectively support patients across the diabetes spectrum, from prevention and early intervention to ongoing management and education. In addition to providing 30 CE credits needed for licensure renewal biannually, this course will also provide learners with a specialty certificate from the University of the Pacific upon completion that can be used to boost any resume or transcript as diabetes educators and specialists.

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Diabetes Specialty - Nursing
Jul 01, 2023 to Jan 01, 2025
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TP0003 non-credit $395.00
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Diabetes Fundamentals Specialty Certificate - Nursing (NP/RN/LVN)
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